Dimitri Polizos for Alabama State House District 74

As your conservative state representative, I am committed to giving you a reliable and trustworthy voice in the Alabama legislature.

In the short time since you elected me in a special election in 2013, I have already started to learn the ropes and make government work for you. As a county commissioner for nine years, I proved myself a conservative, responsible public servant who places the needs of my constituents above personal and special interests. Thank you for the opportunity to do the same for you at the state level.

I hope you will take time to learn the issues confronting state government and read about my solutions to the issues. Under the new Republican leadership in the state House and Senate, Alabama is heading in the right direction. 

We must continue working diligently to provide Alabamians from all walks of life a brighter and more hopeful future where meaningful jobs abound and economic opportunity is all around us.

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Dimitri Polizos